Session Fees

At Solutions Chatswood, we aim to keep our fees as reasonable as possible to make counselling services accessible to everyone who needs them. As a practice that supports a network of independent practitioners, our standard fees vary by each practitioner and reflect an individual, 55-minute session. Fees for couples, families or longer sessions can be obtained by contacting practitioners directly.

Introducing low cost counselling with our new Intern, Jackie Schatz. This is aimed to help those who need it,  to be able to access counselling at an even more affordable rate.

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As part of the Federal Government’s ‘Better Access to Mental Health Care Initiative’, over recent years mental health has attracted increased funding which translates into higher and more widespread Medicare rebates for clients. Whilst this is a very positive step, it does not mean all mental health services are eligible for Medicate rebates.

Currently, to access Medicare support for mental health services, a referral is required from a GP for a diagnosable medical condition, such as depression or anxiety, to a registered psychologist, social worker, occupational therapist or psychiatrist. The referral is valid for the first 6 sessions after which clients must obtain a new referral for further sessions, up to the cap of 10 of per calendar year.

There also exists a large body of professionally trained and accredited counsellors, such as those offering relationship, career and life counselling, who are not presently able to offer Medicare rebates to their clients. This does not have any bearing on their skills or experience and is a situation which peak industry organisations such as PACFA are lobbying to change.

Solutions Chatswood consists of a diverse range of practitioners; some are registered with Medicare and able to offer rebates and others who are highly trained and qualified counsellors who are unable to offer that service. Which practitioner is right for you will depend on several different factors. But when it come to cost,  it’s important to consider the overall cost when you decide how long you may choose to see a practitioner.

Refer to our  ‘About’ page for more information regarding Medicare rebates or contact our centre or get in touch with one of our individual practitioners.