Online Counselling

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Online Counselling

One of the changes during COVID-19 has been the move to online services. Most of our counsellors offer online counselling as an option to in-person counselling.  Mental health concerns and the challenges of life still continue and, in these stressful times, can be even more difficult. We continue to offer professional counselling but now also in an online format.

Tips for your Online Counselling experience


If you decide to do online counselling there are some things you can do to make your experience as immersing and safe as being in a counselling room with your counsellor.


  1. Choose a room that is private and comfortable.
  2. Avoid anything that may cause distractions for you eg. Mobile phones,
  3. Put a “DO NOT DISTURB” sign on your door so others in the house know not to knock or come into the room.
  4. Sit in a comfortable chair and avoid walking around if using a hand-held device
  5. Make sure your internet connection works well in the room you choose. If possible, test it with a friend.
  6. Make sure you are familiar with the online platform being used eg. Zoom, Skype. Whats App
  7. Be as punctual and focussed as you would be if you were attending a face to face appointment. Sometimes, dressing as you normally would helps.
  8. Tell your counsellor if you feel particularly vulnerable at the start of a session so they can help you to feel safe


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