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Vicky Hamey

Individual and Couples Counsellor; Clinical Supervisor

Qualifications: Master of Counselling, Teaching Diploma, Clinical Supervisor Accreditation.

Vicky is a skilled counsellor with over 20 years’ experience. She partners with clients using person-centred and emotionally focused approaches, empowering clients to develop self-awareness and insight into their emotional world.

Vicky has a breadth of experience working with a diverse range of clients including individuals and couples across all age groups. In particular, Vicky works with many couples struggling with ongoing disagreements and poor communication which, in turn, result in perpetual cycles of hurt and disappointment. Once entrenched in this negative pattern of behaviour, many couples find it impossible to recover without professional help. Vicky relies on emotionally focused techniques and family systems concepts to support couples and help them to understand and address the key issues at the heart of their difficulties.

Vicky’s empathic approach enables her clients to deeply explore and recover from long-standing issues and impasses. The insights clients gain enables them to experience themselves more positively and to find deeper connections in their lives. Vicky is experienced in integrating spiritual considerations into her therapy and in working with issues such as addiction, anxiety, workplace difficulties, communication, assertiveness and parenting.

Vicky offers clinical, pastoral and work supervision.

Vicky is a Clinical Member and Supervisor of the Christian Counsellors Association of Australia (CCAA) and  PACFA .

ONLINE COUNSELLING also available with Vicky!

For an appointment, contact Vicky at vicky@solutionschatswood.com.au or call/text 0409 926 904.

Lyn Abery

Analytic Psychotherapist and Counsellor

Qualifications: Diploma of Adult Psychotherapy, Graduate Diploma of Counselling (Honours), Diploma of Adult Education, Mental Health Certificate.

Lyn is a highly qualified analytic psychotherapist with over 25 years’ experience working with individuals and couples in therapy. Lyn has a unique ability to reach people who feel very lonely and isolated and struggle to find and maintain fulfilling and safe relationships. She has a wonderful way of helping everyone feel at ease with her gentle, caring and empathic approach. Lyn provides her clients with the encouragement they need to effect positive change in their lives, often well beyond what they thought themselves capable of.

Analytic psychotherapy involves helping people explore deeper emotional places, where the roots of many psychological problems exist, in order to address ongoing struggles at their core. Lyn likens the process to constantly plucking at a problem weed in your garden which, frustratingly, continues to grow back, inhibiting the growth of the surrounding flowers. It takes more effort to dig up the weed at its roots but the results are permanent and allow the rest of the garden to heal and flourish.

Lyn has a lifetime of experience in health care and the corporate sector, having worked with many different types of people from different backgrounds. In addition to her role as a psychotherapist, Lyn has worked as an adult educator, trainer, mentor and manager, bringing a wealth of knowledge, patience and understanding to her work. For more information go to http://www.lynabery.com.au

Lyn is a Clinical Member of the International Association of Relational Psychoanalysts and Psychotherapists (Australia).

ONLINE COUNSELLING only available with Lyn!

For an appointment, contact Lyn at lyn@solutionschatswood.com.au or call/text 0402 087 127.

Ros Knight

Clinical and Counselling Psychologist; Supervisor 

Qualifications: Master of Clinical Psychology, Diploma of Hypnosis, Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

With over 30 years of clinical and counselling psychology experience, Ros assists clients with a range of mental illness and counselling needs. Working with a broad range of clients, including adolescents and young adults through to couples and older adults, Ros has a particular interest in helping clients with anxiety, depression and trauma.

She has a passion for helping people develop the skills and strategies to grow and to interact with their worlds more confidently and effectively. Ros is also highly skilled at helping clients set and work towards long term goals as a coaching psychologist.

Ros is endorsed as a Clinical and Counselling Psychologist and eligible for Medicare Rebates.

Ros is a supervisor of 25 years’ experience and an approved Supervisor for Psychology with the PSYBA.

For an appointment, contact Ros at ros@solutionschatswood.com.au or call/text 0411 152 999.

Stephen O’Malley

Individual and Couples Psychologist

Qualifications: BA Psychology (Grad), DipTheology.

If you have a GP Mental Health Care Plan, you will be eligible for a Medicare rebate. Session fee is $175, so there is an out of pocket expense of $82.50 per session.

Stephen holds General Registration as a Psychologist and has been practising in Psychology for over 20 years is a member of the APS and an associate member of the CMDFA. Stephen has additionally completed coursework of a Doctor of Psychology (Clinical Neuropsychology) to Master’s Level, and has undertaken Masters studies in Organisational and Sport Psychology.

Stephen utilises Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT), Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) , Solution Focussed Interventions , Meta- Cognitive therapies and other skill building therapies that look to empower clients.

Service offered include: ADHD in adults, Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) assessment, IQ, Cognitive, Learning & Memory Assessments, Couples therapy, Motivation in sport, Pain management, Pre-cosmetic surgery assessment, Relationships, Stress management, Anxiety & phobias, Bi-Polar Disorder, Depression, Panic Disorder, Psychosis, Self-harm, Tourette’s syndrome, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Career & vocational assessment, Psychology for Health-related problems, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD), Trauma, including Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Rehabilitation/injury Counselling, Sleeping disorders, Behavioural interventions for adults and children.

Stephen conduct’s face to face interventions, interventions by telehealth, and Virtual Reality (VR) interventions.

Telehealth, Face-to-Face and VR Counselling avaialble

For an appointment, contact Stephen at stephen@solutionschatswood.com.au  or call/text 0448 859 392.

Meredith Wagstaff

Individual and Couples Counsellor

Qualifications: Master of Counselling; Bachelor of Arts and Master of Laws (University of Sydney)

Meredith is a warm and experienced Counsellor who provides personalised care and results focussed support to people over 18 years, from young adults, University students to people in later life, and to couples.

She helps people heal and grow from a wide range of challenges including stress, anxiety and depression, dealing with the traumatic or hurtful past, procrastination and time management concerns, grief and loss, boundaries, relationship issues including managing differences, unresolved hurts, anger, conflict and safety, and loneliness.

Meredith integrates evidence-based strategies that are person centred, trauma informed and drawn from contemporary approaches including cognitive behavioural therapies (eg ACT).  She has Level 2 Training in Gottman Method Couples Therapy, and has a special interest in supporting clients to harness and integrate the power of their worldview to both comfort and drive change.

Meredith counsels in private practice and at a University College. Previously, she was a senior legal and corporate professional. Her broad background, training and life experience means she is non judgmental, a skilled listener, can help bring fresh perspectives and approaches to problems so her clients can create meaningful change in their lives.

​Private insurance rebates may apply.

Meredith is a registered Clinical Member of PACFA and the Christian Counsellors Association of Australia CCAA

ONLINE COUNSELLING also available with Meredith!

For an appointment, contact Meredith at meredith@solutionschatswood.com.au call/text 0407079335

Erin Mitchell

Adolescent Counsellor and  Parent Coach

Qualifications: B.Mus; Grad Dip Counselling; member ACA

Erin is an adolescent counsellor, parent coach and family therapist. She believes in the value of learning healthy coping skills early in life; children who are able to cope in healthy ways will be more resilient and manage stress better as adults.

Erin’s first degree was a Bachelor of Music from the Conservatorium of Sydney. Her later counselling studies included majors in Child Development, Effective Parenting, Conflict Resolution and Family Therapy.

She  have been influenced by John Gottman’s work on Emotional Intelligence, the field of Positive Psychology and the pioneering work of Haim Ginott. As well as working in private practice, she is an accredited facilitator of Tuning into Kids, an emotion coaching program designed for parents to create better interpersonal relationships with their children. She runs weekly children’s group workshops and is a private children’s coach for Resilience in Kids. Erin regularly facilitates small group parenting workshops and  presents parenting  seminars in schools all around Sydney. For more information go to https://www.erinmitchell.com.au/

ONLINE COUNSELLING also available with Erin!

For an appointment, contact Erin at erin@solutionschatswood.com.au or call/text 0400089902.

Grace Foo

Individual and Couples Counsellor

Qualifications: Master of Counselling, Bachelor of Business (Accounting),

Grace values each individual’s unique journey and is dedicated to empowering her clients to make a difference in their lives. She works with a wide range of issues from anxiety and depression, grief and loss, life’s adjustments and transitions, the exploration of self-identities and with a special interest in psychological traumas and relationship matters.

Grace’s warm and empathic approach provide a safe space in promoting personal growth and development in her clients. Grace emphasises on the whole person, working from a client-centered and emotionally focused approach. She collaborates with her client in an active process of self-discovery, whilst also utilizing a variety of research validated therapies that best suit her client’s needs. Grace is also genuinely interested in helping couples grow deep soulful relationships, journeying with them through the challenges from premarital through to the different stages of family life.

Grace has worked for many years in the corporate world and understands the demands and challenges one faces in high pressured work environments. She also has vast experiences in pastoral care and ministry leadership.

Grace is a provisional member of the Australian Christian Counselling Association (CCAA). and ACA.

ONLINE COUNSELLING also available with Grace!

For an appointment, contact Grace at grace@solutionschatswood.com.au or call/text 0424805778

Ethel Miman

Social Work Service Provider; Family Counsellor and Psychotherapist, Victims of Crime Provider.

Qualifications: Bachelor of Social  Work; Dip Transpersonal Art Therapy, Training in Positive Parenting; ACT and CBT training and Clinical Supervision.

Ethel offers professional Counselling, Psychotherapy and Social Work Services.

Ethel deeply values the individual journey and personal experiences of her clients and treats them with the utmost respect, care and compassion.

She has worked as a Counsellor and Social Worker within Youth Mental Health Services, Family Services, Maternal Child & Family Health, Education & Employment Services.Clinical Social Work, Counselling and Psychotherapy.

Ethel has special interest in working with complex trauma, grief and loss, suicidality, self harm, anxiety, depression, emotional dysregulation, stress, childhood abuse, vocational issues or needs, bullying, domestic violence, parenting challenges, self esteem issues, life transition, health issues, addiction, family and relationship breakdown.

Ethel  works with children, adolescents, as well as adults with culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds. She is also able to work with the unique challenges of refugees, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, migrants and diverse socio-economic backgrounds. She is also able to integrate  issues of spirituality into the therapy.

For more information go to https://fountainofhope.com.au/

Ethel is a Member of the Australian Association of Social Workers

ONLINE COUNSELLING is also available with Ethel!

For an appointment, contact Ethel at ethel@solutionschatswood.com.au

Brenda Felix

Individual and Couples Counsellor, Family Therapist.

Qualifications: Master of Counselling,  Ad Dip in Counselling and Family Therapy (Christian)

Brenda has extensive experience working with adults, young persons, and families in different settings.  She adopts an integrative, holistic, and relational approach to counselling and psychotherapy, which incorporates person-centred, emotionally focused, family systems, trauma-informed, cognitive-behavioural, mindfulness, and other evidence-based therapeutic modalities.

Brenda has a passion to support and empower people from diverse backgrounds who are facing their unique life challenges.  She has a special interest in working with multiracial families and mixed marriages.  Her aim is to provide a safe space and a collaborative environment where she can walk alongside her clients and help them to be all they can be.

Brenda can speak fluent English and Chinese (Cantonese and Mandarin). 

Brenda is a Member of PACFA and the Christian Counselling Association of Australia  (CCAA)

ONLINE COUNSELLING is also available with Brenda!

For an appointment, contact Brenda at brenda@solutionschatswood.com.au or call/text 0493 238 090

Wendy Schuster

Individual Counsellor

Qualifications: Master of Counselling

Wendy has considerable experience working with a wide variety of clients and always brings a flexible approach to her counselling, tailoring solutions to the needs of each individual. She is skilled at seamlessly combining proven approaches and believes many clients respond better and progress further when multiple counselling techniques are employed. Alongside traditional talk therapy, Wendy offers her clients body focus and written or visual expression therapies to put them at ease during their healing process.

In providing her counselling services, Wendy’s focus is on creating a safe space in which clients feel free to explore their issues. She believes empathy, and listening in a non-judgemental way, are vital to creating that sense of safety. Wendy is experienced helping clients struggling with a range of issues including anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, grief and loss, addiction, recovery from abuse or trauma and relationship issues. She provides both short and long-term counselling. For more information go to https://wendyschus.wixsite.com/counselling-therapy

Wendy is a Clinical member of Christian Counsellors Association of Australia (CCAA)

ONLINE COUNSELLING only available with Wendy!

For an appointment, contact Wendy at wendy@solutionschatswood.com.au or call/text 0416 541 157.

Chris Ling

Career Counsellor

Qualifications: Master of Science, Master of Arts, Graduate Diploma of Counselling.

Chris brings a wealth of counselling, business and life experience to his practice and specialises in giving clients the information, tools and confidence they need to achieve success and happiness from their careers.

For many people wanting to better their career prospects, or perhaps change careers altogether, the path forward can seem too daunting, often leading to inaction and unhappiness. Chris is passionate about seeing people accomplish their career and life goals and he employs integrated coaching, counselling and career direction techniques, as well as relevant psychometric career guidance instruments, to help every client realise their ambitions. He provides his services with maturity, professionalism and cultural sensitivity, having worked with a vast range of clients from many different countries and backgrounds.

Chris also provides practical solutions to the worries that might accompany a career change, from job search strategies and resumes through to interview coaching and anxiety minimisation strategies. He is also the Director of Career Solutions Chatswood and a member of the Career Development Association of Australia.

For an appointment, contact Chris at chris@careersolutionschatswood.com.au or call/text 0451 074 501.